In the middle of a dense forest where ruled wrathful dragons, ghosts, and vampires,  stood the most fearful place of that haunted forest. That dark place was a deadly cave. Once a person or an animal went into the forest, he might escape. But an entrance to that cave meant no escape and there was no help available there. Even sunlight had fear in entering into that cave.

For a village near that forest, the forest was the devil’s territory and the cave was the merciless devil’s throne. There were many stories roaming around in the village about the valor of some great men that finally turned out to be nothing more but oblivion foolishness when they decided to explore the forest and the deadly cave and bring out the real fact about that.

 The most famous and thrilling of all those stories was that of a teenager who once went into the forest with two other villagers to search for and bring his dog back.3 men went into the forest but only one came out having lost one eye, 1 leg and both his hands as well. His situation got very critical and he was at the god’s mercy. The god had mercy on him due to his good works.

When he was questioned, he told that his friends went into the cave but only cries came out of there. Just as he was to enter the cave, he saw a red-colored creature with its face stained with blood and 2 pounds of raw flesh in its mouth. It was 8 feet tall and had 4 wings and 8 hands like that of a spider. He ran at his top speed thinking that the creature was going to eat him as well.

In the middle of his way, he stopped as the creature did not come out of the cave. Instead, a smaller creature of the same kind appeared from nowhere and caught him from behind. It ate his leg and 2 hands and left him to die as its stomach got filled by that. The first time he tried to get up, he fell down on the ground and a piece of wood got into one of his eyes. He somehow managed to save his life but at the cost of his hands, leg and one eye.

There were also stories about people who went there but never returned. The horrifying mystery and stories of the deadly forest and the cave still increase the heartbeats of the villagers.


I am a little poor creature in this huge world.I am a poor little creature who is trying to find the reason for his being in this burning cauldron. I am a zilch but still trying my best and the hardest to make my audience happy and satisfy myself with the contentment that I get when I see my audience enjoying.

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