A beggar walking on the road facing the sun’s scorching heat comes near a car. A car that stopped as the signal turned red. He begs to the man sitting in the car to give him some money. And he  also gives some blessings to the man and his family. The man refuses to give him any money. And by this, the hungry beggar goes back to ask someone else for food and money.

In digital India-

A well-dressed beggar would come to the car on his branded skates carrying an umbrella to prevent getting wet in the rain. He would show the man in the car his PAYTM barcode and would also give him some blessings as-“I pray your mobile never hangs, your internet never runs slow, your data pack never ends and if somehow ends, you always have a Wi-fi in range.”The man would say that he did not have any internet pack to which the beggar’s response would be-“turn on your wi-fi and I am turning on my hotspot.”To this, the man would say that he did not have any e-wallet but had a credit card.

The beggar would say,”Do not worry, I have a card swipe machine. Take out your credit card.”The man would get furious at this and would say that his net balance in the bank was zero. Then, the beggar would ask him for something in his car that could be sold at OLX.

Then, the beggar would call out his name in suspicion and the man would ask him how he knew his name. The beggar would say,” Remember your Facebook friend named James Maverick”. The beggar would have his mobile ringing and he would take out his latest apple iphone, talk to his friend and would leave the spot telling the man,” I will talk to you later on Facebook. Be online at 5 pm today and send me your Whatsapp number also as now, Facebook is getting older.”The man in the car would remain at the spot with his mouth open wide in amazement and the beggar would go to another car to ask for money.


I am a little poor creature in this huge world.I am a poor little creature who is trying to find the reason for his being in this burning cauldron. I am a zilch but still trying my best and the hardest to make my audience happy and satisfy myself with the contentment that I get when I see my audience enjoying.

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