Away from the teeming population, in the middle of an abandoned town, there stood a bloody four-path that connected 4 big industrial towns and some small villages and towns together. Many experienced drivers drove heavy trucks carrying tons of metal through that four-path. Some could not reach their destinations and some who somehow got protected from the curse of the fatal four-path never went there again and even gave up driving.

When they were asked of what had happened with them on that deadly four-path, they hesitated because of awe and fear that thrilled them when thinking of what had happened with them on that deadly four-path.one driver gathered courage and said in a low tone that was the evidence that four-path being really fatal. He said,” I can tell you about that four-path but please close that four-path as soon as possible. That night, I was driving slowly and smoothly but as I reached near the four-way, the truck started shaking, the lights started blinking and after some time, the engine turned off on its own. I went out of the truck to see what had happened, what was the problem.

As I got down, the lights suddenly turned on and I noticed a couple standing on the road. I went towards them, they started running but I kept on following them. They as well as my truck got disappeared. I started worrying as a 20-ton truck could not disappear on its own. Suddenly, 2 men in blood-stained clothes appeared from nowhere. They caught me and one of them bit me and took a pound of flesh and hundreds of drops of blood off my body. I tried to free myself with all my might but another one also bit me. Due to fear, I fell on the ground. They thought that I were dead and left me. When I got up, it was afternoon. I thank the god for saving me.”As soon as he told the last word, he collapsed and died. The curses of the fatal four-path still reign in the hearts of the people.


I am a little poor creature in this huge world.I am a poor little creature who is trying to find the reason for his being in this burning cauldron. I am a zilch but still trying my best and the hardest to make my audience happy and satisfy myself with the contentment that I get when I see my audience enjoying.

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