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Corruption results in poverty

Corruption results in poverty

Corruption is a disease that is spreading day by day and taking us under its control. It is the most common thing that we can see everywhere in our everyday lives. It is not only prevailing in a city, a state or a country, it is everywhere, be it in a government office, a political party or a market.
This evil is just like human beings. As we harm our own mother earth,  this devil demolishes human, its reason due to which it exists.

Corruption is increasing rapidly because we are letting it to increase. We ourselves are ready to work under corruption. People are taking money because we are giving them, because we are letting them take this opportunity. And human does every bad when he gets an opportunity to do so because human is a born sinner.

There are many causes of this evil still prevailing in our society and in our minds. The biggest among them is that we are not taking any action against it. The selfishness of government officials is also a big reason for corruption. People face many problems, especially the poor. When we go to any government official, he/she first asks for money. Poor people cannot give that much money and so they suffer.

We can stop corruption by not giving money for any work that can be done without giving money. Politicians should stop keeping black money and should pay taxes on it. Common people should take actions against corruption because they are the supreme authority of any country. And government officials should also stop being selfish and should cooperate with us for the development of the country. We must take an oath that we will not bear any wrong and would try to do our best for the eradication of the deadly enemy of mankind.