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Values are our life

          Values are our life

There are many values in our daily life such as honesty, unity, brotherhood, discipline & many others. Unity means working together & equality teaches us to treat everyone equally. Honesty is the most divine value in life & one who follows it is a very good person. All the values are very important to us. Only a few people keep these values but everyone must be disciplined every time & everywhere.

Values are diminishing day by day. Nobody follows honesty because of greed for money. Few who follow it suffer. Some are even murdered because of honesty. We must treat everyone equally not only because it is written in our constitution but also because everyone is equal & no one has got any special boon. We must behave as everyone is our brother/sister. We must help everyone & when we are in need, he/she will surely help us. Every value is necessary.

We should treat everyone equally, behave like brothers/sisters of others & be disciplined. Everyone must try to follow every value & try to be good enough so that the world will remember us as it does Gandhi Ji, Jawaharlal Nehru & many others. Values are not only to be learned or studied but are to be followed. These must not be present only in books, these must be in us.