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Tom and Sam were two of the best friends ever. They ate together, played together and were honest towards each other. When one cried, other wiped off his tears. But once, a tragedy took place that completely changed their lives. There was a chemistry competition in their school and the prize was grand. It was a one week trip to Japan. Both tom and Sam were excellent at chemistry and wanted to go to Japan as it was a chance for them to explore something new and observe other customs and traditions. Tom had a great passion for chemistry but he was poor and could not go to Japan on his own. On the other hand, Sam was more interested in photography than in chemistry and was also rich and therefore had a chance to go to Japan even if he lost the competition.

The competition tried to be a wall between the two best ever friends but could not stand in front of the power of their friendship for long. On the day of the competition, both went school but were nervous as both had an equal chance of winning and Sam could shatter Tom’s dreams. Sam was thinking that his success and victory in the competition would be a needle in the balloon of their friendship and so was thinking of a plan to keep their friendship.

At school, both the friends met as usual and during their talk, sam clearly understood that tom had an ardent desire to win the competition and go to Japan. for a while, Sam got confused but finally satisfying himself, decided to let his friend win the competition as friendship was more important for him.at the spot of their test, Sam deliberately made a mistake to let his friend win and to fulfil his friend’s desire to go to Japan. After the competition, Tom asked Sam why he had made the mistake. Sam’s answer left tom wondered. He hugged his best friend. Tears were running out of his eyes. Sam showed the world the real meaning of friendship.