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VIVOBOOK S15 – Dream Laptop

Thinking to be a tech blogger, I always keep my eyes on the Internet searching for what latest technology has come into the market. I have always been curious about new gadgets and their new and unmatched features.
On my 15th birthday, I was gifted with a smartphone having a dual core processor and 2GB RAM. It worked well for a year. But as soon as my next birthday came, it broke into pieces in my birthday party because I had accidentally stepped on it. I didn’t feel too guilty as it was just a smartphone that got switched off every time I tried to download a good game or tried to do some research on what smartphone would fit my budget.
One day, it came to my mind that I must buy a new laptop rather than a smartphone. It was because I am also interested in computers. I wanted to do 2 of my works with the same thing. But due to a lack of money and motivation, the dream remained a dream for years. And I had to contend myself with the repaired dual core smartphone.
On 15th of December in 2017, we (I and 2 of my friends) were surfing the YouTube for some knowledge and latest news. But accidentally, we found out that 2 ASUS VIVOBOOK S15 are to be given away. My friends have their own latest smartphones and being my best friends, they also wanted me to have a laptop or smartphone. So, they compelled me to take part in the biggest giveaway of the history. We searched the web for features and specifications of VIVOBOOK S15 and got mesmerized by its stylish look and the features listed.
I want to have a laptop for myself as I am a technical geek. I have a thirst for knowledge. Why I want to have a laptop particularly is because I want to learn computer. I also want to try my talents in the field of blogging. And a laptop, especially a laptop equipped with all features that I need for trying my luck in blogging can be a great help to me. I will be very happy to have a VIVOBOOK S15 because I like many of its features. Some of the features I like the most are:VIVOBOOK S15
1, The 16GB RAM and i7 processor reflect the laptop’s real ability and capacity. These 2 together provide the user with the best experience without any problems related to slowing down or crashing of the system.
2, LIGHT AND THIN. This laptop is only 1.7 kgs in weight that makes it possible, comfortable and even easier for it to be carried to many places.
It is also ultra thin. It is about only 17.9 mm in thickness. 17.9 mm is only what it needs as an emancipating look.
3, Full HD display is also in the VIVOBOOK. Its display is of 15.6 inches, the best display experience a laptop can ever provide.
4, It has an ultra-fast dual band Wi-Fi that enables us to use Internet at speeds up-to 867Mbps. Its speed is about 6 times faster than most of the Wi-Fi systems commonly used today.
5, It has an inbuilt storage of 1024 GB or 1 TB. It also supports micro SD cards up-to 128 GB.
6, It has 2 USB 2.0, one USB 3.1 type-C port, one SD card slot and one USB 3.1 port. The USB 3.1 port enables you to speed up transfer speeds by 5 times than a USB 2.0 port.
7, It has an inbuilt fingerprint sensor next to the mousepad. This feature provides safety to your laptop and your personal account. It keeps your data safe and secure.
8, It provides the best video and audio experience to people.
It is equipped with ASUS Tru2Life Video Technology that offers HD video experience by optimizing the quality of each and every pixel.
ASUS SonicMaster is also put into this laptop. It defines every feature like bass, audio encoding and decoding. It improves audio clarity and filters noise to offer the best listening experience.
9, Laptop cooling is done by the use of smart cooling fan and thin heat pipes. It keeps the laptop’s temperature at about 35°C (2°C less than normal human body temperature) and helps in keeping it cool.
10, Fast charging and long-lasting battery –
VIVOBOOK S15 charges very fast. It charges up-to 60% in only 49 minutes. If we calculate, it will take only 1.36 hours to charge to 100%.
Its battery is really a long lasting one. Its has a lithium polymer battery that is 3 times more long lasting than normal lithium ion batteries.
All these features together in one laptop is just amazing. I never even thought that there could be so many good features in just a single laptop and that also assembled in such a way that this laptop is so light weight and still stylish and good looking.